In advanced production and assembly operations, throughput goals are becoming more aggressive even though parts are getting smaller and more complex. Although machines and equipment must position and move parts as rapidly, accurately and efficiently as possible, it can be hard to find the motion and accuracy attributes you want in a conventional parts picker. For example, many pick-and-place, PCB assembly, or inspection and assembly processes require fast, three-axis motion with steady positioning of multiple parts, all from a small-size unit. And, trade-offs in machine functionality can affect your bottom line.

To address these challenges, Akribis Systems will soon introduce a new picker that offers many of the high performance characteristics and precision required for today’s parts handling applications. APK 2G Series pickers offer up to three axes and 2G acceleration on the Z-axis. The three-axis model, APK-2G-XZT, offers a stroke of 8 millimeters along the X-axis. This enables users to align the picker head without needing to adjust the overall position of the gantry axis carrying the picker modules. This individual picker tip adjustment makes it possible to have multiple pickers on the same Y-axis operating simultaneously at the highest throughput possible, without sacrificing accuracy. The X-axis is able to hold the position of the picker head even when the picker is accelerated as much as 20 meters per second2 along the same X direction.

The APK-2G-XZT three-axis picker also features:

  • Up to 100 millimeters of stroke.
  • A compact design and a width of only 15 millimeters.
  • Exceptional force control with the recommended driver.
  • A vacuum-tip picker head to draw in the intended object.
  • Integrated incremental encoders ensure accurate motion.

This combination of features and functionality fits the need for a high-performance picker in a small size. In fact, the APK-2G-XZT is expected to be the only picker on the market with an X-stroke of 8 millimeters and a Theta motor and vacuum shaft all in a compact size. And, its compact size also allows designers to create systems with a picking pitch of just 16 millimeters from each picker to significantly boost units-per-hour (UPH).

Works With the APK-ME3 Picker Driver

The APK-2G-XZT, when used in combination with its recommended APK-ME3 picker driver, can achieve force control accuracy of ±3g. Featuring Copley™ Core technology, this three-axis, DC-powered driver uses EtherCAT and USB C connections to deliver position, velocity and torque control. This driver is also compact and connects directly to the APK Series picker without the need for additional cables.

Production and assembly system designers can achieve higher productivity and handle parts with accuracy and speed with three-axis motion in a compact picker. Akribis Systems sales engineers can help you select the right APK-2G picker for your application.

For more information about APK-2G Series pickers, including the APK-2G-XZT three-axis picker, contact us today.