For applications that require multiple carriages, our DGL Series of motor stages will be a perfect fit. Linear motor drive technology allows for multiple carriages along the same track with the capability to move independently of each other. These dual guide linear stages use our standard patented linear motor technology with a high force constant for the best motion performance. Each motor is integrated with a high-resolution optical encoder for the best repeatability and precise positioning.

While the platform has many performance advantages, its true strength lies in its customizability. Our DGL Stages come in a range of sizes from 150 millimeters to 40 meters, as well as a number of widths according to your needs. Choose between two types of linear motors: the ironless AUM or the iron core AJM depending on the amount of force you require and the type of motion you want to achieve. These stages also have the option of different covers, including bellows and cleanroom compatibility.

In addition to size, cover and motor options, the DGL Series also can be designed in different configurations. Stacked options are available, as well as compact high force modules. A theta-axis can also be incorporated onto the moving carriage if necessary. With short lead times and high design flexibility, the DGL Series is a worthy addition to your motion control system.