When you think about direct drive powertrains, stages and precision platforms, it’s no surprise that Akribis Systems quickly comes to mind. After all, we’re known for our research and development, and our innovations have produced 44 patents. We recently produced a new video to give you a bigger glimpse inside our organization. It shows the full range of the capabilities and know-how that enable us to design and build products that play a critical role in keeping the systems and equipment that drive smart manufacturing both productive and reliable.

The new video will give you an overview of:

  • Our commitment to precision and innovation.
  • The wide range of industries we serve.
  • Our production and assembly facilities and capabilities, including our newest motor manufacturing plant in Nantong, China.
  • Product quality and stability.
  • Our customer service.
  • International and industry standards compliance.
  • Our extensive distribution network and global footprint.
  • Our culture.

You’ll see how all facets of Akribis Systems work together to make us the right company to solve motion control challenges and meet the highest standards required by customers worldwide.

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