Akribis Systems has spent years developing and manufacturing high-efficiency and precision movement systems. As one of the few direct drive motor manufacturers that also builds stages, we can help you save money and time by combining all the necessary components for your motion system in one package.

Our rotary stages consist of the direct drive motor, rotary bearing, encoder, hall effects and temperature sensor that come together to offer a complete rotary positioning stage. These stages also feature plenty of options to choose from including motor size, radial runout, parallel or series winding, encoder resolution and temperature sensors.

Read on to learn more about our selection of rotary motor stages, and how they can work for you.

AXD Series

With its low profile height and large through hole, the AXD Series is easily integrated into your existing project. Its patented iron core motor design features extremely high torque density with minimal cogging.

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ACW Series

The ACW Series is perfect for highly precise applications that may be slowed down by even the most minimal cogging. Its ironless design has zero cogging and precise positioning.

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ADR Series

Built to handle extremely heavy loads, the iron core ADR Series provides high acceleration and positional accuracy. Choose between the standard size ADR-A or the ADR-B, which has a larger through hole.

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ACD Series

The ironless ACD Series features a smaller diameter to better fit in a larger variety of applications. Along with its smooth scanning motion, this motor packs a high amount of torque.

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AXM Series

Designed for lighter payloads and tight constraints, the AXM Series is our most compact and cost-effective rotary motor option. This ironcore motor stage can achieve high precision positioning.

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ADR-H Series

When it comes to fast indexing applications that require a rapid stop and start, the ADR-H series is a perfect fit. This motor stage was designed for high torque and low rotor inertia, a combination that allows high acceleration, deceleration and settle-down time to be a matter of milliseconds.

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