Direct drive frameless motors have become an ideal means of powering robotic joints in cobots. Thanks to frameless motors’ high torque density and good stability, cobot limbs can move more naturally. And, direct drive frameless motors require fewer components in the assembly, reducing space and weight.

These benefits make our ADR, ACR and ACD Series well-suited for robot joints. Using our direct drive frameless motor technology, we’ve even created a modular, integrated robot joint assembly for cobots. These modular robot joints eliminate the time and challenges that come with prototyping a robot joint using individual components, such as space constraints, thermal management, minimizing cogging torque, integrating a feedback device and safety provisions, to name a few.

ARJ Series robot joints come with a high-torque direct drive frameless motor, precise strain wave gear reducers, 19-bit absolute encoders and power-off holding brakes. This integrated assembly allows cobots to support payloads from 3 to 10 kilograms, depending on the model, and achieve six degrees of arm freedom with low cogging and smooth motion. CANOpen and Ethernet drivers are available as options.

In addition, ARJ robot joints feature a modular construction, high torque, high repeatability, light weight, compact size and a hollow shaft. Specifications include:

  • Five sizes ranging from 70 to 142mm OD
  • Weights from 1.2 to 8.3 kg
  • Continuous torque from 12.7 to 248 Nm
  • Peak torque from 32 to 383 Nm
  • Accuracy: 200 arcsec
  • Bi-directional repeatability: 20 arcsec

Note that the length and weight of the joint depends on the driver option and mounting configuration, so be sure to consult an Akribis representative before ordering.

Get Your Cobot Up and Running Fast
When it comes to designing a robot joint for your cobot, a direct drive frameless motor offers numerous benefits and provides a good foundation for your design. Now, you can sidestep adding many of the associated drive components and electronics that can otherwise add time and complexity to the job.

ARJ Series robot joints are designed to streamline the process so your cobot can get up and running quickly, boosting your productivity.

You can check out our ARJ Series robot joints at Robotics Summit & DeviceTalks Boston, Booth 104, or contact us today for more information.