Ironless linear motors are often the top choice in precision motion control applications. These motors differ from their iron core counterparts by not featuring a back iron, which eliminates cogging. No cogging results in a significant dynamic performance advantage and allows for the highest motion accuracy achievable in a direct drive linear motor.

Akribis Systems began with linear motors and, using our years of experience, we’ve developed our own patented motor coil design. We provide a range of ironless linear motors, including a specialty series that operates in vacuum and cleanroom environments. Read on to learn more about each of our ironless linear motors.

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AUM Series

Our most popular ironless motor, the AUM Series features a popular “I”-beam shaped design that maximizes the force density of our motor coil. The AUM Series has a patented motor coil design that increases the motor constant through reduced heat generation.

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ALM Series

An alternative motor design, the ALM Series uses a slot-type coil design instead of the “I”-beam type for a smaller footprint and lower moving mass. This compact design allows for more convenient use in smaller spaces while allowing for even higher dynamic motion performance with quicker response, faster settling time and lower standstill jitter.

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AWM Series

When an application requires high-vacuum conditions, such as in semiconductor manufacturing, the AWM Series performs where few motors can. Capable of operating in conditions up to 1×10-7 torr, this series is ideal for cleanroom and vacuum applications.

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ACR Series

The uniquely designed ACR Series is a curved ironless linear motor, allowing for very high precision motion around an arc length that would otherwise require a sizeable rotary system to accomplish. The ACR Series can provide full 360-degree motion with less weight, mass and cost when compared to a rotary system. We offer magnetic track radius lengths of 240 – 1,525 millimeters.

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