When it comes to robots and cobots, a great way to achieve natural arm motion is by adding a modular robot joint. Unlike a robot joint built from individual components, a modular robot joint requires fewer drive components and electronics and is easy to implement.

For example, the Akribis ARJ Series robot joint combines the essential components you need — including a high-torque direct drive frameless motor — into one space-saving and lightweight unit. Available in five sizes, the ARJ is particularly ideal for cobots with lighter payloads from 6.6 to 35.3 pounds (3 to 16 kilograms).

That’s why Singapore Business Review (SBR) recently awarded Akribis Systems a Made in Singapore Awards in the Robotics category for the ARJ Series modular robot joint. In this video, Akribis chief designer Wan Yi discusses the ARJ with SBR. Highlights include the ARJ Series’ features and benefits, frameless direct drive motor technology, the pain points the part addresses, its advantages over competitive products, the challenges Akribis engineers overcame in developing the robot joint as well as future iterations of the ARJ.

To learn more about the ARJ Series modular robot joint, watch the video and visit our product page.