At Akribis Systems, we’re known for our high-precision direct drive motors, stages and positioning systems. Meeting motion control needs is our specialty, and our extensive product lineup covers just about any market sector that requires precise motion, including robotics, renewable energy, semiconductor, communication and biomedical — to name a few.

Through our culture of innovation, we not only offer high-quality standard products, we also co-develop custom products with customers to satisfy their specific requirements. Recently, we made two additions to our product lineup: the MSP-A Series magnetic spring and the RDM-A Series rod motor.

MSP-A Series magnetic springs. These products are an attractive choice when your industrial z-axis direct drive module application calls for a high-speed means of gravity compensation, self-locking capabilities to prevent unwanted component movement during power-off states or constant force within a specific travel range. While air cylinders can also be used, they require an air system, an external power supply for control, and are usually expensive. Another option, mechanical springs, lack sufficient stiffness and consistent force.

MSP-A magnetic springs deliver high-speed strokes and instant response without the need for external power and control, linear guides or expensive air systems. Leveraging the stored energy of permanent magnets inside a slider and stator, MSP-A magnetic springs maintain a constant direction and magnitude within a specific travel range without the high energy cost, damage to moving parts or greater space requirement often associated with traditional methods of gravity compensation. Applications include 3D printing, robotic, textile equipment, pumps and compressors.

RDM-A Series rod motors. Ideal for space-constrained applications that also require high motor forces, efficiency and precision, RDM-A Series rod motors feature a tubular design to distribute magnetic flux evenly along the circumference of the stator. With this approach, RDM-A motors achieve continuous forces from 2.1 to 137.8N and peak forces from 6.2 to 413.4N. An air gap between the coil and magnet track enables non-contact axial linear movement and steady force production over the length of the stroke, and ironless construction ensures cog-free motion. A multi-mover option allows single motor control over multiple movers on one track to simplify complex, multi-axis applications. These motors are well-suited for high-speed printers, biomedical equipment, CNC machines, semiconductor equipment, single- and multi-axis module platforms, counterpoint platforms and z-axis pick-and-place modules.

Working With Akribis
Akribis magnetic springs and rod motors are available in a variety of sizes and deliver a wide range of forces to accommodate your distinct requirements. And if you can’t find a magnetic spring or rod motor that fits your needs, we can construct a custom unit and turn it around quickly. Be sure to talk to an Akribis Systems technical expert to help determine the best MSP-A Series magnetic spring or RDM-A Series rod motor for your application.

For more information, please visit our MSP-A Series and RDM-A Series product pages.