Whenever you pick a linear motor for a motion control job, one of the first decisions you’ll make is whether to go with an ironless or iron core model. Both have their place, but in this post we’ll focus on the iron core linear motor, which offers some great cost-to-performance advantages:

  • Because they have only one row of magnets compared to an ironless motor’s two, iron core linear motors cost less while still maintaining a high level of repeatability.
  • Iron core motors offer higher linear forces than ironless models and have less magnetic resistance.
  • Iron lamination stacks inherently provide heat dissipation, resulting in good thermal management.

Based on these advantages, we’ve recently expanded our lineup of iron core linear motors with the AJM, AKM and AQM Series. These iron core motors feature improved technologies to boost force capabilities and speed. Here’s a closer look at each series:

AJM Series

  • This series is based on the previous ACM1 series but features optimization of magnetic flux in the coil design.
  • The motors feature new size options and can function as a drop-in replacement for ACM1 motors.
  • We have boosted the maximum bus voltage from 300 to 600 VDC, leading to higher force and high speed simultaneously.
  • The improved design features roughly 15-20% higher force capability when compared to ACM1 models.
  • We have raised the maximum temperature from 100° C to 130° C.
  • This series has a 17% average price decrease from ACM1 motor coil.
  • The series features UL Certified cables.

Download the AJM data sheet »

AQM Series

  • This new motor is designed to have a high force capability in a compact size.
  • Features a very thin design — down to 22 millimeter width at smallest dimension.
  • The most affordable motor coil from Akribis to date.
  • Extremely low price magnetic track — the longer the stroke, the more cost-effective this solution becomes.

Download the AQM data sheet »

AKM Series

  • This series is based on the ACM2-6 design but with optimization of magnetic flux in the coil design.
  • These motors have very similar dimensions to the ACM2-6 and feature new sizes, but they cannot be used as an exact drop-in.
  • The line features roughly 25-30% higher force capabilities when compared to ACM2-6 models.
  • The AKM has a 30% average price decrease from the ACM2-6 motor coil.
  • We have raised the maximum temperature from 100° C to 130° C.
  • These motors have an improved water cooled coil design with a 20% lower price design compared to other water cooled coils.

Download the AKM data sheet »