When it comes to demanding automation and multi-axis linear motor applications, the performance and reliability of your equipment is only as good as its motion controls systems.

Encoders and electronics must be in place to monitor and encode speed, position, direction or vibration data, and the information they gather must be highly accurate. This ensures high throughput without incurring the downtime associated with preventable repairs. And, the devices must fit into tight designs as part of always-shrinking, fast-paced equipment.

In order to ensure smooth, reliable motion, here are some attributes to look for in linear encoders and vibration sensors:

Linear encoders. For closed loop systems requiring accurate positioning feedback, linear optical absolute encoders are hard to beat. That’s because absolute encoders measure a motor’s true angular position, and those that incorporate optical sensors provide the highest resolution, or measuring step. For linear encoders, a high-resolution measuring step is typically less than 100 nanometers. Akribis Systems’ ABA-20 and ABA-50 linear optical absolute encoders, for example, provide measuring steps down to 50 nanometers. These encoders also support the popular Biss-C interface for secure yet flexible serial digital communication between the sensor and controller, and they come in a small size of 36 by 13.5 by 14.8 millimeters.

Vibration sensors. Because unwanted vibrations can keep your direct drive system from running at its best, it’s important to receive alerts about any deviations in their amplitude and frequency. The higher the sensor’s sensitivity, the better it can monitor the entire machine for vibration as well as measure low-frequency vibrations. And, the ability to detect vibration on three axes can provide the full scope of the vibration. One such machine vibration sensor, the MVC-ACC-94 offers an exceptional combination of three-axis selectable sensing, a high 9,000 millivolts/gauss sensitivity, ±0.25G detection range and a frequency response up to 200 Hz. It also interfaces with MODBUS — the widely accepted industrial electronics data communication protocol.

The ABA-20, ABA-50 and MVC-ACC-94 are part of our range of encoders, sensors and interface electronics for factory automation and precision manufacturing applications. The family also includes the ITF-21-BiSS-MIT — a signal converter that makes any 12-bit to 32-bit BiSS-C absolute encoder compatible with the popular Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4 servo amplifier. Each product in the series features a compact size for easy installation in constantly shrinking automated equipment, robust construction and an indicator light.

Sensor Data Is Key to Your Equipment’s Efficiency and Throughput
As automated machines continue to get smaller, faster and demand more accurate motor and motion control, sensor data is key to ensuring positioning and vibration irregularities are identified and mitigated in order to maintain optimal performance. With the right encoders and sensors from Akribis Systems, you can ensure the smooth, precise operation that these systems demand and thereby maximize efficiency and throughput. To learn more about how to incorporate Akribis encoders and sensors into your automation and multi-axis linear motor systems, be sure to speak to our sales representatives.

For more information on Akribis encoders, sensors and interface electronics, visit our product page.