Separating and packaging medical, semiconductor and automotive components is typically an imperfect process. While traditional systems may operate at high speeds, the entire process involves two machines — one for the die cut and another for packaging. Not only is this arrangement inefficient, components can sustain defects as packages are separated from their lead frames, the orientation of the components themselves must be managed, and throughput may suffer if the additional equipment involved requires repair.

However, OEMs no longer have to accept the inefficiencies and quality issues of component separation and packaging. A new system promises to boost not only throughput and machine reliability, but also overall component quality. Akribis Systems’ Punch & Pack system separates critical components from their reel and transfers them to a packaging roll for assembly using just a single machine. Leveraging Akribis’ proprietary direct-drive motor technology for high precision along with a turret-based transfer mechanism, Punch & Pack performs the nine main functional steps to achieve perfect singulation and packaging. Integrated cameras and sensors ensure component quality and packaging according to specification.

The system’s key functions and features include:

  • Data display and HMI control
  • Incoming reel dispensing and handling
  • Part inspection via laser profiler or machine vision
  • Custom punch module tailors die sets to different possible parts
  • 1-UP transfer of parts from punch and die to an unload station
  • Handling of empty reel, packing and sealing of parts into carrier tape
  • Seal inspection
  • Dispenses empty carrier tape and reels post-packed carrier tape
  • Easy waste management

This combination of two machines for separating die created components into singulation packaging in an all-in-one unit reduces the need for operators, maintenance and rework during the assembly process. And, because the machine is fully software configurable and connects to a customer’s network, Punch & Pack maximizes efficiency as an integral part of an overall manufacturing system.

Solve Component Production Inefficiency and Improve Product Quality

When it comes to die component separation and packaging, OEMs do not have to settle for the inefficiencies and product defects associated with traditional systems. Akribis Systems’ Punch & Pack system not only improves manufacturing uptime and product quality, it creates a single, well-controlled process for the world of smart manufacturing.