Given the significant benefits of direct drive technology, it’s easy to assume these high-precision products come at a steep price. However, more machine designers are becoming aware of the cost-effective choices that are available for direct drive motors, and the performance benefits of adopting this technology:

  • High torque in relation to package size
  • Exceptional positioning accuracy and repeatability
  • Zero or near-zero cogging
  • High acceleration and deceleration rates under heavy loads

Due to significant improvements in manufacturing, technology and product design, direct drives are no longer too expensive for applications outside of semiconductor fabrication equipment and medical devices, and they are a smart, economical choice for many more markets.

A Comparison Between Other Manufacturers’ Ball Screw Stage Solutions
At Akribis Systems, we produce direct drive stage solutions with equivalent static precision specifications at equal costs or a minimal price increase — all while harnessing the dynamic motion performance benefits of direct drive motor technology.

For example, we can offer the same stroke length, repeatability, straightness and flatness at similar costs to ball screw stages, while also providing significant improvements to both motion speed and dynamic precision over any ball screw stage.

Expanding Direct Drive Technology to More Applications
AQM motors and DGC linear stage modules are just two examples of how we deliver the advantages of speed, reliability and accuracy to applications where price was previously a barrier.

Our AQM Series motors maximize performance while minimizing your cost of ownership. We went back to the fundamental designs of our motors and focused on every part to maximize design for manufacture (DFM). From the windings to the magnets, our product optimization efforts have lowered the costs of direct drive technology.

AQM Series direct motors are desirable for semiconductor applications, thanks to their ability to deliver smooth and precise motion. They’re also suitable for any high-speed device requiring position, motion profile tracking or motion control. Examples include printing machines, glass and LCD applications, laser processing equipment and any other device with dimensional limitations that needs long strokes.

As one of the largest direct drive manufacturers, we also applied the same cost requirement to the new, easy-to-install DGC linear stage modules. These units take advantage of our optimized AQM Series motors with low-cost magnet tracks to deliver an exceptional price-performance ratio for applications requiring long travel distances. The result: the combined benefit of a linear motor direct drive stage at a cost close to ball screw stages.

Product Optimizations Lower Price Barriers
When a design calls for a motor that delivers high torque at low speeds, price is no longer a barrier. Thanks to our leadership in direct drive technology and continued product optimization efforts, direct drive motors are now an attractive choice for a wide range of applications. Be sure to talk to an Akribis Systems technical expert to help determine the best direct drive motor for your application.

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