When it comes to biomedical devices, few suppliers can manage all aspects of the design and production processes to meet the industry’s demands for high precision and manufacturing throughput. Bringing a fluid handling device to market requires cutting-edge technology, improved processes and optimal motorization to ensure accurate and repeatable fluid maneuvering. It also needs a vertically integrated company to cost-effectively meet these challenges.

In other words, it takes a bioscience expert with a holistic approach to design and manufacturing. Here are the reasons why:

  • Innovative technology. Not only must fluid handling devices deliver reagents with precision and repeatability, they are increasingly required to manipulate ever-smaller volumes of liquid. That means instruments must incorporate cutting-edge test and inspection technology — plus fast and accurate motion control components.
  • Biomedical and automation expertise. An ideal partner will have deep fluid-handling knowledge to collaborate with customers to improve their mass production process through high-speed automation.
  • Vertically integrated. Automating biomedical equipment production is not without challenges. Vertically integrated companies that understand multiple aspects of engineering and high-speed manufacturing are better positioned to build precision equipment, cost-effectively optimize automated processes and improve throughput.

Fortunately it’s possible to find all these attributes in a fluid handling device manufacturer. At Akribis Systems, for example, we have a team of engineers that helps biomedical companies create high-precision fluid handling products and optimize their automated mass production.

Called Arogi Healthcare, the team designs mechanical, electrical and embedded systems and develops the associated software and firmware. Arogi Healthcare’s technological highlights include:

  • Multiple-needle stamp pipette head to dispense different types and volumes of reagents in parallel for fast transfer and high throughput.
  • Micro-volume reagent delivery from 0.25 to 10 µL with high accuracy. Many conventional instruments cannot handle such small volumes.
  • Vision sensor inspection to ensure accuracy, consistency and reliability during liquid filling and transfer.
  • Accurate motion control for on-surface liquid aspiration via ultrasound liquid level sensor technology.
  • Direct drive motor technology, which provides high torque, high speed and acceleration with less backlash and high repeatability. The result: highly precise positioning and higher throughput.
  • A Special Foil Sealing Technique — previously used to seal cells and reagents in various containers — that no longer limits the containers to the common 96 well plates but includes our customers’ geometrically customized canisters. This foil sealing ensures the sterility, integrity, and quality of sensitive materials for our customers. It also contributes to patient safety, accurate diagnoses and effective medical treatments — crucial in the healthcare industry.

You can collaborate with Arogi as a machine design and build partner or as a contract manufacturer — and you’ll benefit from our motion control expertise, cost-saving vertical integration advantages and global support network.

Biomedical and Automation Expertise Plus the Akribis Advantage

Not every biomedical device supplier can achieve the optimized production processes or satisfy the accuracy and repeatability requirements that today’s liquid handling industry demands. That’s why it’s important to partner with a team that leverages extensive bioscience knowledge, cutting-edge technology, exceptional motion control capabilities and high-speed automated production expertise.

When you partner with Arogi Healthcare, you’ll get all these advantages — plus a global reach, local support and the vertical integration benefits that come from an Akribis Systems company. Be sure to visit us at SLAS 2024, Booth 682 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, from February 3 to 7.

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