When it comes to automated manufacturing of lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery cells for demanding industries like electric vehicles (EVs), aggressive throughput and accuracy requirements are likely the first factors that come to mind. And, specifying motion components is often challenging due to the many stages, sub-processes and wide range of equipment involved, each with distinct requirements for high speed and accurate motion.

Direct drive (DDR) motors and stages are well-suited for the Li-ion battery manufacturing sector’s diversity of machines and processes. Thanks to their zero-contact operation, DDR motors provide high thrust forces in a compact size for good power density, plus zero or near-zero cogging, along with integrated absolute encoders. These attributes provide high speed and acceleration, accuracy and smooth motion that result in greater throughput than possible via ball screw- or belt-type mechanisms.

A Large Selection of DDR Products for Li-Ion Battery Manufacturing
With so much riding on your motion components, it pays to work with a vendor that has a comprehensive lineup of DDR products. Here’s an overview of the features and attributes to look for during your selection, using Akribis products as examples:

  • Ironless linear motors. AUM Series linear motors feature a patented winding method that creates both large continuous and peak forces, and ironless construction ensures zero cogging for smooth operation. Ironless linear motors deliver a fast response for dispensing and rollering applications, diaphragm cache stacking systems and top cover welding systems with a fixed gantry.
  • Iron core linear motors. AKM Series iron core motors are ideal for high accelerations or applications with a high number of axes such as stacking machinery, filling and injection or electrode insertion equipment. Their high force output and stiffness make them capable of handling high loads quickly. For high dynamic requirements, our AKH Series provides even higher forces, speeds and robustness.
  • Rotary motors. Suitable for electrode stacking and handling or other applications requiring 90-degree turn operation, AXD brushless motors provide high peak and continuous torque in a thin, compact, pancake-style design and a fully integrated optical incremental encoder and bearing for precise homing.
  • Rod motors. RDM-A ironless rod motors offer the advantage of smooth, non-contact linear motion in a compact size, making them desirable for space-constrained axes. These zero-cogging motors come in many sizes, each with several coil and track lengths to accommodate a wide range of strokes.
  • Linear motor positioning stages. We offer an extremely flexible single-axis positioning platform that is configurable for multiple applications requiring fast, accurate point-to-point movement such as cell handling equipment. DGL Series linear motor stages come in many versions to satisfy multiple width, length and carriage requirements. Features include a good force-to-size ratio, dual linear guides and feedback encoder for high accuracy and precise homing — all in a compact unit.

Multi-Axis Control and Akribis Know-How
Sophisticated battery-manufacturing systems often require a multi-axis master controller that can perform a wide range of tasks. One such eight-axis controller — the AGM800, part of our Central-i platform — executes motion profiles at a 16 kHz sampling rate and features excellent position and velocity tracking, as well as good settling performance. In fact, our Agito drives can run multiple gantries using just one AGM800.

At Akribis, we specialize in innovative high-performance motion products and systems that enhance throughput and efficiency in a wide range of automated processes, including as many as 20 battery-manufacturing segments. And, if a standard linear stage and protection options don’t quite fit your needs, our engineers can work with you to customize the right DDR solution to satisfy your needs. To begin your selection, be sure to contact our experienced sales engineers.

For more information about Akribis DDR technology for Li-ion battery manufacturing, visit our web site.