Our direct drive linear stage products are well-suited for long-travel applications — including those in which conveyors may not satisfy the system’s needs. The DGL Series is one such linear stage that can carry high loads over a long travel distance. We can offer these and other direct drive linear stages with multiple motors and carriages, and there’s virtually no limit to potential stroke lengths.

For example, the DGL linear stage pictured here measures just over 6.8 meters long and includes seven individually controllable motors.

In another example of its long-travel capabilities, the DGL Series was recently implemented to achieve what we believe is a record-breaking stroke distance: approximately 262 feet. The customer implemented a DGL-260 to achieve a speed of 6.5 feet per second for the full travel distance — all while carrying a load over 440 pounds.

No matter the load or travel distance, there’s a DGL Series linear stage for your application. You can choose from four model numbers, depending on your force requirements, which can incorporate either our AUM Series ironless linear motor or an AJM or AKM Series iron core linear motor. The AUM linear motor is cogging free for tight velocity control and scanning applications, while our cost-friendly AJM and AKM iron core linear motors have higher acceleration capability for point-to-point motion. In addition, the DGL’s dual linear guides and feedback encoder deliver high performance and precise homing capabilities. Other features include:

  • An exceptional force-to-size ratio
  • A compact footprint
  • Competitive prices

High-Performance Stages With Long-Travel Implementations

With proven long-travel implementations using multiple motors and carriages plus excellent force and load handling capabilities, our direct drive linear stages, such as the DGL Series, are attractive for many applications that require long travel with high speed and precision. Our engineers can work with you to select or customize the right linear motor stage to satisfy your long travel, high-precision requirements.

For more information about Akribis DGL Series direct drive linear stages, visit the product page.