To control motion in an electromechanical system, many traditional servo or brushless motors can fit the bill. However, for applications that demand high torque, repeatability and space savings, direct drive frameless rotary motors — also known as torque motors — offer many appealing features. They also install directly into the mechanical system with no need for gearboxes or other supporting components. Thanks to these and many other benefits, direct drive frameless rotary motors are exceptionally versatile.

At Akribis Systems, our direct drive frameless rotary iron core motors deliver a high torque constant and have a simple structure comprised of only the motor coil windings and magnets. This ensures lower load inertia and better load control in a compact, lightweight unit. These high-performance motors satisfy a wide range of requirements, making them appropriate for a host of applications including:

  • Robots and cobots. Direct drive frameless rotary motors deliver accurate and repeatable positioning, and high acceleration and deceleration rates — even under heavy loads — with minimal cogging. Their high torque characteristics makes them particularly suitable for joints in cobot arms that function at slower speeds and with high accuracy due to their proximity to humans. Our ADR-F Series is well-suited for higher-speed robotic systems.
  • Pick and place machines. Because direct drive frameless rotary motors do not require speed reduction components, they are not affected by backlash. This benefit makes them ideal for repetitive pick and place machines where motors must provide smooth rotation and high-speed operation.
  • Conveyor systems. Direct drive frameless rotary motors deliver high torque output and easily and directly integrate into many devices. This combination of torque density and space savings makes them an attractive option for rolling component assemblies in conveyor equipment.
  • Other. Additional application areas include packaging, semiconductor, servo mechanisms and others requiring efficient motion control in a small size and with less weight than other motors.

Because each application has unique requirements, we offer three frameless direct drive rotary iron core motor series: ADR-T, ADR-P and ADR-F. To help you decide which direct drive frameless rotary motor is best for your design, our selection tool will help you find an ideal unit with just a few clicks.

For more information about Akribis Systems direct drive frameless rotary motors, please visit our product page.