Singapore has ambitious plans to strengthen its position as a premier trade, technology and innovation hub, with a goal to grow manufacturing by 50 percent in the next 10 years. In many ways, Akribis Systems shares Singapore’s trajectory of success — from its humble beginning in 2004 to its status today as a global leader in linear motor technology and innovation.

That’s why Akribis Systems is featured prominently in a new series on Channel NewsAsia, “Becoming A Global Hub: Connecting the World,” produced by Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry. In this special program, Akribis CEO Leow Yong Peng shares his insights into what makes Singapore a vital node in the global value chain, and you’ll learn how Akribis Systems contributes to the city’s economic vitality. You’ll also get an inside look into the people, technology, history and ethos that make Akribis Systems well-positioned to be an integral part of the Singapore Government’s “Manufacturing 2030 Vision” initiative to build on the nation’s economic success and global leadership.

During the Akribis Systems segment of the special, you’ll discover:

  • How direct drive motor technology helped propel Akribis to a position of market leadership.
  • What makes Akribis competitive in the global marketplace.
  • Akribis Systems’ R&D work and investment.
  • How Akribis Systems continues to help customers in the face of a global pandemic.

Be sure to watch Part 1 of “Becoming A Global Hub: Connecting the World” on Channel NewsAsia’s website today. The Akribis segment begins at the 28:00 mark.

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