Designers of heavy-duty industrial equipment are always looking to push the envelope in order to move or position objects with precision. That often is reflected in the rotary motor stages they choose. For example, not all rotary stages are equipped to perform in machine tools that operate at high speeds and carry heavy loads. In order to meet the needs of demanding equipment, motorized rotary stages must provide:

  • A direct drive motor for high acceleration and precision with low cogging torque.
  • High repeatability when positioning an object repeatedly to a specific location.
  • Large payload capacity to accommodate machine tools, presses and other industrial equipment.
  • High peak torque to achieve high load and high angular positioning requirements.
  • A large center bore to hold cables.

And, the rotary stage designers choose must also take up as little space as possible.

Akribis Systems’ ADR-B Series of motorized rotary stages deliver all these benefits and more. Designed for applications with large payloads and high torque and acceleration requirements, these stages exhibit ±2 arc-sec repeatability, load capacity up to 1,669 Newton (169 kilogram-force) and peak torque performance up to 284 Newton-meters. Center through holes range from 32 to 87 millimeters for ample cable routing or the use of a collet chuck to hold items under test in place. Outer diameters are as small as 110 millimeters. For a detailed look at the ADR-B, check out our video below.

ADR-B Series rotary stages leverage our direct drive brushless ironcore motor technology to provide precise positioning for a wide range of industrial applications. ADR-B motors:

  • Are fully integrated with encoder and bearing.
  • Exhibit low cogging torque.
  • Provide precise homing through index pulse.
  • Come with low-speed and high-speed windings.

Achieve Optimal Rotary Motion and Positioning
Industrial-strength machinery with fast, precise motion requirements demands robust, high-performance rotary motion components. Akribis’ ADR-B Series rotary stages with direct drive ironcore motor technology offer the precision, repeatability, high torque and load handling capacity that are essential for heavy-duty equipment. These characteristics will help you get the best positioning performance to optimize your machine’s productivity.

For more information about ADR-B Series rotary stages with direct drive motor ironcore motor technology, watch this video: