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New Products Deliver Effective Gravity Compensation, Linear Thrust Generation

At Akribis Systems, we’re known for our high-precision direct drive motors, stages and positioning systems. Meeting motion control needs is...

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What Makes a Good Robot Joint for Cobots? Our New White Paper Has Answers

If you’re planning to build a collaborative robot — a cobot — with an articulated arm, not all robot joints...

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New Video Details Akribis’ Award-winning ARJ Modular Robot Joint

When it comes to robots and cobots, a great way to achieve natural arm motion is by adding a modular...

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How Our Encoders and Sensors Help Linear Motor Systems Achieve Smooth, Precise Motion

When it comes to demanding automation and multi-axis linear motor applications, the performance and reliability of your equipment is only...

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Pancake-style Direct Drive Rotary Motor Combines Value and Performance

When it’s time to specify a rotary motor, it can be difficult to find a unit that provides both high...

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Akribis AUM Brushless Motors: Ideal Replacements That Deliver High Performance and Efficiency

When implementing high-speed linear motion in automated machine designs, it pays to have a high-performance motor to provide the power....

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