Multi-Axis Stages

Precise Multi-axis Positioning With A Powerful AUM Motor

Precise Multi-axis Positioning With A Powerful AUM Motor

Our stacked stages provide positioning accuracy and repeatability for applications that require high-speed travel and accurate alignment in multiple directions. Two multi-axis stages are available: an x-y version of our popular DGL Series, and the TDS-XY — a compact, three-rail unit.

The cantilevered DGL-XY comes with two guide rails that can be assembled as an x-y stage to reduce development and production lead times, and the TDS-XY comes in a small footprint and uses three rail guides to support a longer upper axis for better performance. Both series incorporate our patented AUM Series ironless motors that provide high continuous and peak forces without cogging or backlash, and they are made from high-strength extruded aluminum.