Drives and Controllers

AG and Central-i Drives and Modules

Control Devices For Turnkey Motion Systems

Akribis Systems’ drives and controllers do all the work so you don’t have to. We offer two different kinds of control and drive systems: the AG motion controllers and Central-i Series platform.

Our AGC200/301 centralized motor controllers handle three-axis motion thanks to 16-kHz velocity and current loops. They pair with our AGD200/301 dual-axis intelligent drivers to control virtually any motor available. Central-i consists of a centralized motion controller that communicates with several distributed drives and peripherals to create a simplified control structure for up to 8 axes.

Whether you’re looking to enable three-axis motion control for a compact system or create a high-performance multi-axis control system, our feature-rich drive and control components are easy to implement and will satisfy your motion control requirements.