AGC Controller and AGD Intelligent Drives

Motor Controller and Drive

A powerful, easy-to-implement motor controller and drive family for compact systems.

Our AG family of motor drives and controllers can be combined to deliver easy-to-implement high-performance motion control for compact systems. The family consists of AGC300/301 stand-alone controllers capable of handling three axes of motion thanks to 16-kHz velocity and current loops. The units also allow users to program up to eight concurrent threads. Ethernet, USB, CAN bus, RS232 and RS485 communication is supported, and the units provide a wide array of inputs and outputs.

Dual-axis AGD200/301 intelligent drives support the AGC300/301 centralized motor controllers’ full complement of functions and are capable of driving two motors directly with 16-kHz vector control. An AGC300/301 controller along with a AGD200/301 dual-axis drive — or third-party drive — can control virtually any motor available such as voice coil, brushed or brushless motors including direct linear and rotary types. The drives come with two integrated amplifiers and can control a third axis through an external driver.

AGC300/301 Controllers

These controllers, paired with an amplifier on a single AGC module, can support up to three axes of motion. Features include a 16-kHz sampling rate, Ethernet communication and support for popular serial protocols.

AGD200/301 Intelligent Drives

AGD200/301 intelligent drives work in tandem with an AGC300/301 motion controller to drive two motors at 16A peak.

Applications and Industries


  • Low/medium axis count, high servo performance systems
  • Existing centralized control application
  • Up to eight axis stand-alone motion systems
    • Precision stages
    • Robotics
    • CNC machines
    • Additive manufacturing


  • Material Handling
  • Industrial Automation