Manufacturers of critical care medical equipment are always looking for components that can increase the reliability and performance of their life-saving machines. One example is the increasing use of voice coil motors to control the valves in ventilators for patients who have difficulty breathing on their own.

The construction of a ventilator is straightforward. Requiring only a few components, these devices have traditionally used solenoid valves to control the flow of air. Now, after strict testing, it’s become clear that the voice coil motor outperforms solenoids in every aspect. High precision, acceleration and lightweight design have come together to revolutionize the way ventilators are made.

With the solenoid valve, you are given an on/off device that requires a spring to activate bi-directional movement, in contrast to the voice coil motor. Hysteresis is also much lower with a voice coil motor, allowing for greater repeatability, an important element for a medical device.

In circumstances when a ventilator is needed, lightweight components are a necessity, as healthcare workers often need to move the device quickly from one room to another. Voice coil motors can be built to be the size of a thimble if needed. For example, Akribis Systems’ AVM motor series can be as small as 12.7 millimeters in diameter but still offer a peak force of 3.5 Newtons with a weight of only 12 grams, and with the great range of sizes this series offers, it’s easy to customize a ventilator with the size, weight and force you need. With Akribis Systems’ exceptional designs and high manufacturing capacity, these necessary devices can be ordered and created quickly.

As medical technology changes, and the need for this technology is greater than ever, it’s important to stay on the front lines of change. By taking voice coil actuators out of sound systems and into ventilators, more lives can be saved in more efficient ways.

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