When implementing high-speed linear motion in automated machine designs, it pays to have a high-performance motor to provide the power. However, it can be difficult to find the right combination of force characteristics and precision to deliver the motion and control you require in a compact and efficient unit — especially if you seek to replace a motor that you have become accustomed to having in your equipment. After all, changes can be frustrating, especially when they put you in a tight spot.

That’s why it’s important to work with a vendor that not only provides quality, reliable motors, but also a wide range of units to meet your needs so you can achieve optimal motion even when situations change. One perfect example is Akribis Systems and its AUM Series of brushless, ironless motors. Not only does this family provide the benefits you expect from brushless, ironless motors like cog-free performance and low noise, it also offers 35 versions in a host of sizes. With various coil and motor track lengths and a wide range of force outputs, there’s an ideal AUM motor to replace your previous motor.

AUM Series motors offer a wide range of output forces from 3N continuous/11.9N peak up to 1,755N continuous/12,150N peak, with exceptional force densities thanks to Akribis’ patented winding method. These force characteristics, along a low moving mass, allow the motors to achieve exceptionally smooth motion and high dynamics. Additional features include:

  • Low electrical and mechanical time constant.
  • Travel stroke up to 5 meters/second or faster.
  • Low velocity ripple during both fast- and low-speed scanning.
  • Integrated Hall sensors.
  • Precise force control with fine resolution.
  • Motor coils include a temperature sensor.

This motor family is desirable for high speed and precision machines for positioning, motion profile tracking, velocity controlling used in front-end and back-end wafer handling and inspection, photovoltaic and lithium battery systems, glass and LCD applications, biomedical equipment, printing machines and laser processing machines. The AUM Series also delivers stable, precise linear motion for many Akribis linear motion stages.

The Best Combination of Performance and Efficiency
Akribis has a brushless, ironless motor with the same characteristics you are used to from other suppliers — along with optimal thrust forces, dynamics, high performance and efficiency — at the right size. When you need an easy replacement motor for use in demanding automated or scientific equipment, our engineers stand ready to work with you to help select the best AUM Series motor for the job.

For more information about Akribis AUM Series motors, visit our product page.