DGV Series

Double-Guide Voice Coil Stage

The DGV double-guide voice coil linear stage delivers fast response and wide bandwidth capabilities to short-stroke, high-frequency applications

  • Planar voice coil motor direct drive technology
  • Zero cogging effect, zero backlash
  • Suitable for short-stroke, high-speed, and high-frequency linear applications

Applications and Industries

These voice coil stages are desirable for high-speed machinery such as pick and place, inspection, dispensing, inspection equipment or any other material handling or general industrial application where accuracy is critical, including printing, laser marking, machining and spot welding.



Axis (# of Axis)

Stroke (mm)

Continuous Force N

Peak Force N

Stroke (mm)
Continuous Force (N)
Peak Force (N)
Straightness (μm)
Flatness (μm)