Voice Coil Stages

Single-Axis Linear Motor Stages

High Performance And Compact Size For High Frequency Applications

Our single-axis linear motion stages take advantage of patented AUM Series ironless motors that provide high continuous and peak forces to deliver stable, precise linear motion for a variety of applications. Designed without intermediate transmission mechanisms that can otherwise hinder performance, these positioning systems feature exceptional stiffness and both fast accelerations and settling times for increased throughput.

Pre-loaded dual runner blocks and a recirculating linear motion ball bearing system ensure good geometrical accuracy and smooth, low-noise motion. Additional performance features include displacement accuracy with sub-micron resolution, direct measurement capability without unnecessary conversion steps and zero backlash.

Available in three series, single-axis linear motion stages satisfy a wide variety of size, force and stroke length requirements. These durable systems are built from high-strength extruded aluminum and are designed for easy installation.