XRL Series

Cross Roller Linear Motor Stage

The XRL Series cross roller linear motor stage, driven by Akribis’ ironless linear motor system, is our highest-performance standard stage. The unit offers low friction, smooth movement, exceptional precision and low settling time. Peak force handling capabilities range from 132 to 433 Newton.

  • Smooth movement
  • Quick response and short settling time
  • Low friction
  • High precision

Applications and Industries

This cross roller linear motor stage is desirable for high-speed machinery such as pick and place, inspection, dispensing, inspection equipment or any other material handling or general industrial application where accuracy is critical, including printing, laser marking, machining and spot welding.



Axis (# of Axis)

Stroke (mm)

Continuous Force N

Peak Force N

Stroke (mm)
Continuous Force (N)
Peak Force (N)
Straightness (μm)
Flatness (μm)