The MVC-ACC-94 machine vibration sensor helps improve the settling time of your direct drive system and keep it performing at its best. Designed to provide three-axis selectable sensing, the MVC-ACC-94 offers a high 9,000 millivolts/gauss sensitivity with ±2 percent non-linearity, ±0.25G detection range and a frequency response up to 200 Hz. It detects variations in mechanical vibration amplitudes and frequencies and feeds the data to the controller, so you can compensate for these issues and solve potential problems before they start. The unit comes with an integrated filter to remove unwanted noise.

  • Single-axis yaw sensing
  • Interfaces with the MODBUS protocol
  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Robust silicon micromachined construction

Applications and Industries

This high-sensitivity machine vibration sensor is well-suited for use in direct drive systems in a wide range of automation and precision manufacturing equipment.