RDM-A Series

Rod-Type Motor

The RDM-A rod motor delivers exceptionally high motor forces, efficiency and precision in a compact size with a similar footprint as a traditional ballscrew module. Thanks to its tubular design, which distributes magnetic flux evenly along the circumference of the stator, the RDM-A achieves continuous motor forces from 2.1 to 137.8 N and peak forces from 6.2 to 413.4 N. An air gap between the coil and magnet track enables non-contact axial linear movement and steady force production over the length of the stroke, and ironless construction ensures cog-free motion. A multi-mover option allows single motor control over multiple movers on one track to simplify complex, multi-axis applications.

  • Fast and precise
  • Full use of flux lines
  • Ironless — no cogging
  • Several coil, track and stroke options
  • Simple assembly
  • Easy replacement for traditional ballscrew modules
  • Multi-mover option available

Applications and Industries

Space-constrained systems and applications requiring higher forces and efficiency than possible with conventional linear motors and actuators can benefit from RDM-A rod-type motors. Examples include high-speed printers, biomedical equipment, semiconductor equipment, CNC and wire cut EDM machines, z-axis pick and place modules in robotics and many single-, multi-axis or counterpoint platform applications.