APK Series


APK Series pickers feature a compact, three-axis design and 2G acceleration on the Z-axis, with minimal head-to-head pitch. Equipped with a vacuum tip, the APK Series offers a variety of Z-axis strokes from 25 to 100 millimeters, linear axis repeatability up to ±1.5 µm, rotary axis repeatability up to ± 20 arc-sec and force-controlled picking within ±1g, with recommended drivers. The picker head can be aligned without needing to adjust the overall position of the gantry axis carrying the picker modules.

  • Z-axis 2G acceleration
  • Slim, three-axis design is only 16 millimeters thick
  • Compatible with the APK-ME3 picker driver

Applications and Industries

APK Series pickers are well-suited for use in space-constrained pick-and-place, PCB assembly, or inspection and assembly processes that require fast, three-axis motion and steady positioning of multiple parts.