AER-F Series

Frameless Rotary Motor

AER-F Series rotary motors are designed with an external rotor whose inherently large diameter, air gap and high inertia result in higher torque density than that of inner rotor structures found in conventional frameless motors. In addition, an embedded water cooling channel greatly enhances the heat generation frequency to further increase their torque density.

The AER-F Series’ continuous torque (Tcn) ranges from 149.5 to 613.8 Nm and peak torque (Tpk) from 299 to 1227.6 Nm.

  • Outer rotor permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) design
  • Integrates easily into complex systems
  • Well-suited for CNC rotary tables
  • Compact size

Applications and Industries

Thanks to their external rotor and very high torque density, AERF-Series rotary motors are particularly suitable for high-torque dependent or complex systems such as CNC rotary tables.