Central-i Multi-Axis Drives, Controllers and Peripherals

Drives and Controllers

A complete motion control network topology for complex, automated systems.

The Central-i motion control platform includes a centralized motion controller, distributed drives and peripherals plus a software suite to address virtually any control requirements. Together, these devices can control up to 16 axes.

Central-i is designed to provide automated system designers with simplicity and flexibility. The centralized AGM 800/400 controller module communicates with multiple distributed amplifiers and sensors in parallel over a star network topology that supports a variety of host communication protocols such as Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, USB and CAN. Additional Ethernet fieldbus protocols will follow. Because Central-i does not require a separate cable connection to the controller for each axis, it eliminates many of the processing, cabling, latency and installation issues typically found in traditional centralized controls. The remote units are also inexpensive.

The AGM control module features 16-kHz sampling, PIV, bi-quad filters and Feedforward capability. The AGA101/AGA102 amplifier delivers up to 90V DC, 16-A peak, pulse-width modulated (PWM) output, and the AGA155 amplifier provides approximately 110 to 230V AC, 7.14A (rms), PWM output. A full suite of peripheral devices and software tools complement Central-i to make it a complete multi-axis coordination and control system.


Central-i AGM Master Controllers

The Central-i Master AGM 800/400 is a powerful central controller unit that communicates with several drives and peripherals as part of our innovative i-Central control system topology. Together they provide high performance control and can drive up to 16 axes with perfect multi-axis synchronization at better than 1 microsecond.


Central-i AGA Amplifiers

The AGA101/AGA102 DC amplifier and the AGA155 AC amplifier — distributed components in our i-Central motion control topology — drive brushed, brushless, stepper, linear and rotary motors. Each remote amplifier is equipped with a variety of digital and analog I/Os, and the isolated digital outputs can source up to 300 mA or provide sinking up 500 mA to drive most external devices and end effectors. This eliminates the need for an external relay circuit. The compact form factor of the DC amplifiers allows them to be mounted close to the actuator, such as the link in an articulated robot arm.


Central-i AGIO Remote I/O modules

Central-i AGIO remote modules can expand the number of I/O interfaces on the network. The master controller auto-updates the I/O modules every sampling cycle, providing greater freedom when making connections to peripherals. AGIO modules are available with a choice of 16 digital inputs and eight digital outputs, or 32 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs. They also provide two analog inputs and outputs.


Central-i AGL Remote Adapters

AGL 101/102 adapters interface the Central-i network with third-party drives and devices, either in analog current mode or digital pulse and direction mode.


Software Suite

Central-i leverages Akribis’ PC Suite Software which offers a host of configuration, auto-tuning, PIV control algorithm and other capabilities and utilities.


Applications and Industries


  • Low/medium axis count, high servo performance systems
  • Existing centralized control application
  • Up to eight axis stand-alone motion systems
    • Precision stages
    • Robotics
    • CNC machines
    • Additive manufacturing


  • Material Handling
  • Industrial Automation

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