Custom Stages

Modified Standard And Non-Standard Stages

Our Engineering Team Can Customize Stages To Your Specifications

While we offer a wide range of miniature, stacked and gantry stages, there may be applications in which our standard stages may not fit your exact requirements. Our engineers are available to apply their vast expertise to create the right stage to meet your positioning needs.

We’ll work with you from start to finish — from concept design to prototyping and production. Not only can we provide a custom motor to satisfy a force requirement or to fit a specific form factor, we can deliver an accompanying stage with the size, force range, travel stroke, stiffness and precision to best suit your application. The custom product you receive will exceed your quality expectations at an attractive price. When you need a non-standard stage, count on Akribis experience and expertise for the right solution for virtually any motorized system.

Product Series

Stages tailored to your application plus custom versions of our other motion products.

Here are examples of standard Akribis stages that have been successfully modified to satisfy some of our customers' special requirements:

AFXS Stage

This stage — driven by a high-performance ironless linear motor — incorporates a cross-roller guide in the X-Y axis for resolution to 50 nm and 2-µm accuracy for wafer or sapphire detection.

APS Stage

Designed for photonics applications, this stage adds an ACS controller for speed and extra stability plus a 1-nm absolute controller for accuracy. The APS is driven by a high-performance ironless linear motor.

DGE Stage

For applications requiring excellent performance at an attractive price, DGE stages are matched with the AQM Series motor and track and feature a modular design for easy and quick installation.

TGB with AXM

This high-precision, customizable stage combination — driven by our high-performance ironless linear motor — is suitable for dispensing, micropackage and precision detection thanks to a built-in grating system in the X-Y axis.

APK-02 Stage

Featuring a thin design for three-axis motion and direct drive technology for speed and precision, the APK-02 stage is well-suited for pick and place applications. A stacked model is also available.

Asycube Demo

Our direct drive motion control solutions work with feeding systems such as this Asyril vibration plate.

AM6-79 Stage

This six-degrees-of-freedom miniature stage, driven by a high-performance OEM voice coil motor, offers a highly integrated design, compact structure and a thin height in the Z direction.

In addition to custom stages, our experts can work with you to design and develop motors, controllers and drives to satisfy your exact motion control needs.