Akribis Systems designs and delivers high precision motion systems to a wide variety of industries. Whether you require large linear systems to move heavy loads, small voice coils for electronics or frameless rotary motors to power robots for automated assembly, we will develop a solution that works for you. Learn more about how Akribis movement systems operate in your industry.


From the very beginning, Akribis has provided precise, reliable motion control systems to aid in the manufacturing of semiconductor materials and components.

  • Direct drive motors feature high positional, speed and dynamic accuracy.
  • Patented coil design in linear and rotary motors greatly reduces the cogging that may interfere with ultra-small scale movement.
  • Vacuum compatible motors are available for demanding environments.

Data Storage

Akribis has a long history of developing compact motors that can focus on the minute details of data storage manufacturing.

  • Direct drive motors support high-performance scanning and inspection capabilities.
  • Velocity control is used in front-end and back-end wafer handling and inspection.
  • Stiffness inherent in our linear motors meets the high positioning requirements required for data storage manufacturing.


Akribis develops everything from very large linear motors and stages for the transportation of materials to small rotary motors that power the robots working on the tiny internal assemblies of LCD displays.

  • Unlimited stroke lengths on linear motors minimizes unnecessary movement of the LCD screen during production.
  • Small rotary motors feature high accuracy and positioning to work on the internal details.

Lasers and Photonics

Akribis movement systems offer the smooth, uninterrupted motion required to position lasers and photonics systems.

  • Customizable stroke lengths on linear motors provide an uninterrupted path.
  • High acceleration rate on linear motors helps raise throughput in laser cutting applications.
  • Through-holes on our rotary motors leave room for lasers to shine.


Akribis has designed an entire line of frameless rotary motors for use with Cartesian robot systems and collaborative robots, while our linear motors are ideal for robotic positioning.

  • The ADR-F Series of frameless rotary motors are designed to be used in Cartesian robot systems.
  • Frameless rotary motors can be seamlessly integrated into robotic designs.
  • Rotary motor design is safe for use with collaborative robot systems.

Renewable Energy

Akribis is involved in a number of renewable energy programs. Our large rotary engines are used when manufacturing solar panels, and our linear motors are integral to the scribing process of each panel.

  • Rotary motors and linear motors are used to power and position the laser during the scribing process.
  • Our unique rotary motor winding design lowers cogging and increases torque for power in the manufacturing process.

Additive Manufacturing

Akribis linear motors provide the smooth, uninterrupted motion necessary for 3D printers to create flawless, precise shapes. Our rotary motors can be used for very large format carbon fiber printing.

  • Location of direct drive rotary motor extruder relative to the hot end results in higher responsiveness and control.
  • Linear motors feature faster speed, low cogging and a better end result.

Machine Tools

Akribis creates robust, IP67 compatible linear motors that can withstand factory conditions, providing movement systems for the manufacturing of machine tools.

  • Linear motors feature high responsiveness and control.
  • Machine tool compatible linear motors can operate under a number of conditions and still achieve necessary precision.
  • Feature high power and accuracy for 4th and 5th axis applications.

Communications and Consumer Electronics

Akribis creates direct drive linear, rotary and voice coil motors with small measurements for the extremely compact dimensions of consumer electronics.

  • Direct drive motors feature high force density in a compact package for high precision manufacturing on a small scale.
  • Clean-room compatible motors prevent contamination of small electronics.
  • Voice coil motors make an excellent choice for pick-and-place applications.

Printed Circuit Board and Assembly

Thanks to their precision and smooth motion, Akribis motors can help improve your electronics assembly operations — minimizing trace widths and increasing the accuracy of component placements.

  • Linear motors provide smooth motion during circuit printing.
  • Rotary motors power robots for highly precise assembly of delicate materials.

Healthcare and Medical

Akribis voice coil motors have been used for ventilators and medical pumps. Our ironless linear motors provide smooth, zero-cogging motion and constant velocity for medical scanning techniques.

  • Large ironless rotary motors use high force at a low velocity during MRI procedures.
  • Clean-room compatible motors prevent contamination.

Biomedical and Pharmaceutical

Akribis linear motors are workhorses in clean-room applications — including pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging to lab automation.

  • Unlimited linear motor tracks allow for full automation of sample handling.
  • Clean-room compatible motors prevent contamination of samples.
  • Linear motors can be used in accurate medication dispensing.