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Our Logo

Akribis is a Latinized Greek word meaning precision. On the logo, the letter “ a ” is formed by a line and a circle, representing linear and rotary motions. These are supported by a tetrahedron structure, the same structure as the diamond crystal which has many exceptional physical properties. The logo signifies that Akribis Systems is committed to providing precise motion control solutions, supported by its firm foundation and sound engineering expertise.

Linear Servo Motor

Company Profile

Akribis Systems designs and manufactures motors, stages, and precision systems that are used in equipment for manufacturing, inspection, and testing. Akribis Systems supplies linear servo motors, rotary motors, air bearing stages, xyz stages, voice coil motors, and more to support a wide range of industries including semiconductor, flat panel, data storage, photonics, biomedical and electronics manufacturing. Our offices are located in Singapore, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and the United States.


Services We Offer

In addition to our wide range of standard products, we offer the following services:

  • Selection and sizing of motion control systems
  • Customized linear servo motors and actuators
  • Ball bearings and crossed-roller bearing stages
  • Aerostatic bearing stages
  • High precision large gantries (Active Yaw H-Drive)
  • XY Tables
  • Complete motion control solutions/packages
  • Laser interferometer calibration and measurement
  • Finite Element Analysis (static and dynamic)

Application Scope

n  Semiconductor manufacturing (chip inspection and transmission, BGA and IC inspection,
     laser cutting, pick & place systems, etc.)

n  Hard disk (HGA, slider manufacturing, inspection, tectonic plate media, etc.)

n  Electronic parts manufacturing and assembly

n  Biomedical (DNA  / gene extraction, miniature arrangement, drug manufacturing, etc.)

n  Machine tools (CNC diamond turning, EDM wire cutting, etc.)

n  Inspection systems (photon emission microscopes, visual systems, AOI, etc.)

n  LCD/TFT (inspection systems, laser marking, etc.)

n  Other (printing, auto parts manufacturing, connector manufacturing, distribution systems,
     luggage manufacturing, etc.)


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